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To view this piece in VR for the full 3D effect, Oculus and other device users can download the full piece directly by clicking here However, the nude version for now will be exclusive to my subscribers.

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December 2022 Polls

Currently, I’m running 2 polls at the same time. From both of them I’m going to be drawing the TOP 2 or 3 runner-ups, making it 4-6 drawings in total! Pinup Poll                              Sex Scene Poll You will need to become a […]

Latest Game Update

Christmas Promotional Art 2022

This is one of many concept art posts for a “spookie” supernatural themed NSFW Visual Novel Game that I’m planning on doing! The game’s current working title is ESTATE OF THE LATE [You can Click Here to view rest of my Game Updates] ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… [Right Click here and “Save Link As…” to Download the Video] Voicework by LadyLustria I’m not […]

Hey, this is QueenComplex – just another ‘adult’ artist giving his best shot.

Making pretty pictures is what I’m most skilled at, so this is how I’m trying to monetize it – by drawing smut on the internet. Not a lot of opportunities for an artist to earn a living where I live – Somewhere in the Eastern Europe. That is why your subscription payment is greatly appreciated by me.

Not just doing this for the money, I also do this to keep perfecting my visual art skills to the best of my potential, that is why I’m always trying to do my best.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Frequent Art Updates

    The member’s area is updated more than once a week with the progress of the projects I’m working on.

  • Participate in Polls

    One of the Fully rendered drawings each month is decided by polling, and as a subscriber you too can participate.

  • Early Access and HD

    As a subscriber you have access to almost all of my works in 5000px definition. You’re also the first to see most of my new drawings months before the public.

  • Exclusive Bonus Content

    Almost all of my drawings come with several exclusive alternative versions always containing at least 1 fully nude version.

  • Behind the scenes content

    In addition to alternative versions you will also be able to view +8 WIPs and download .PSD files of majority of my drawings.

  • Community Perks

    Subscription grants you access to the Kupaa Networks discord server where other Kupaa artists and I frequently chat and discuss next drawings with our subscribers.

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