CloseIn [360 Panorama]

Just finished my second 360 Drawing, but for now the interactive version for this piece  exclusive to subscribers

You can still view my first first full 360 drawing here

I will be making more of these :]
Next ones will be a Spider Gwen drawings

CloseUp (Topless Version) [360 Panorama]

Your browser has to have WebGL support un-blocked to view the panorama

Now that I’m close to finishing part 2 of this set that is taking place in the bed behind her, I’m releasing this boob version,

but the full version for that one will be subscriber exclusive.

 …btw my preferred level of zoom is 5 clicks on the + button


CloseUp [360 Panorama]

Your browser has to have WebGL support un-blocked to view the panorama

I just finished my very first 360 Panoramic Painting!
It must be seen full screen!

Later in the month I’ll follow up this drawing with a part 2 that’ll take place in that bed behind her ;]

If these get well received, the 360 paintings might become the regular way I’ll draw POV and high perspective shots.

To be fair, I of course did not do all this in my head. I used the help of Blender and DesignDoll for geometry and then I painted over my usual way using Clip Studio Paint.
While the software is pretty low cost, I could not have done this without my beefy PC and Tablet that was funded by my Subscribers!

…so they get the exclusivity of viewing the nude versions ;P


This is the biggest animation I’ve done yet! This is what I’ve been hyping up since September!

It is a continuation of these 2 drawings I did last Halloween!







It took me more than a month to do and I think it was totally worth it, but it might be another year before I attempt anything this big again.
I will still be doing new stuff and animated loops on a monthly bases.
They will be decided with polls voted by subscribers without whom I would not be able to do this.

In fact, there is one going on right now…

So if you wanna see me do a Velma animated loop next, you can help make that happen by becoming a supporter too and become eligible to vote here too :3
That would be very appreciated.

Working on a Big Halloween animation!

I’m going to be working all September on a Daphne animation!
It’s going to be my biggest animation yet! Instead of a loop its going to be a multiple shot animation with a beginning, middle and a climax.

It’s also a continuation of my 2 Scooby-Doo drawings I did last Halloween!







If you want to be able to access the full animation as soon as it is done and getthe freshest updates on the process, please consider getting a subscription on this site.
I would greatly appreciate that,  because without the support of my subscribers I could not have the time to practice my animations skills on animating this kind of porn porn.

Otherwise you can also follow me on twitter @Queen_Complexxx for more limited updates on the process.

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