For now, the full drawing is available for my subscribers.

It’s both a sequel to…

and a remake of my 2017’s drawing…

Uninvited Guest

Here is my big Holiday Gift for you all!
Originally, I planned it as a smaller experimental project that I would have completed months ago, but then it spiraled into a 20+ minute video! O_0
So, it’s a Holiday special by accident.

I could not have made this without the financial support of my site subscribers!
So, if you’d like to also support me making more such projects in the future, consider maybe becoming a subscriber too.



Narrator                    BordeauxBlack @BordeauxBlackVA
M0ther Gothel

Flynn Rider              Leo Greystone @LeoGreystoneVA



Writer                       Brimbrimbrimbrim @LydiaBrim

Everything else was done by Me (QueenComplex)

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