April 2023 Polls

Currently, I’m running 2 polls at the same time. From both of them I’m going to be drawing the TOP 2 or 3 runner-ups, making it 4-6 drawings in total!

Pinup Poll                              Sex Scene Poll

You will need to become a SUBSCRIBER if you wish to participate in any of these POLLS.

Previous poll winners are…

Ty Lee & Suki x Sokka [Avatar: The Last Airbender]
Jessie & James [Pokemon] (Member Request)
Korra x Bolin & Asami x Mako [Legend of Korra]
Rogue & Rogue [90s X-Men / Evolution crossover] (Member Request)
Rogue x College guys [X-Men Evolution]
Future Gwen & Charmcaster [Ben 10 2005] (Member Request)

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