August 2021 Pinup Poll #1

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Noodle [Gorillaz (band)] I wish to do at least 2 pics that are made as if they were celeb nude leaks. This should be a first one where Noodle is taking a revealing slutty selfie where she is in her underwear and holding her shirt up with her teeth. A follow up after it would be another “Leaked pic” where she would have been photographed getting DP’d by the other Gorrillaz members.

Eris [Sinbad] (Member Request) A more revealing version of that galaxy cluster bath scene where Eris was fully nude.

Nicole Watterson / Yuki [Amazing world of Gumball] Part 2 to my “Cloudy” drawing where Yuki and Nicole have a very close confronting stare-down where they have their boobs squished togeather and Yuki is clearly winning in the size competition.

XJ9 in Human Suit [My Life as a T3enage Robot] A pinup where XJ9 is in her ginger human body suit and admiring herself naked in front of a miror.

Lord Dominator x Queen Tyr’ahnee [Wander Over Yonder x Duck Dodgers] A crossover pinup where both of them are nude on a queen size bed. Dominator is leaning in close on Tyr’ahnee and blowing on her neck in an erotic and a cheeky way while Tyr’ahnee is trying to retain her royal composure.

Ashako Tano [Star Wars: The Clone Wars] (Member Request) A butt focused pinup of her pressing against a wall in a shy manner and getting ready to be taken from behind.

Mandy & Gaz [Invader Zim x Grim Adventures] A pinup of aged up versions of the girls. Both of them are looking down at the viewer as if they are about to dominate him and they are dressed in revealing fem-dom clothing

Korra & Asami [Legend of Korra] I wish to do another Avatar bikini pinup while summer is still around. This time I want the both girls to be hanging out in a beach-side bar. Both girls would be in skimpy swimsuits. Asami would be drinking a cocktail while sitting at a bar stool with emphasis on her butt. Meanwhile Korra would be sitting on the bar table with her legs spread apart while Asami’s drink was between her legs. Korra would be giving the viewer a sassy look and pulling on her panties, while Asami would be amused by all this.

Ursula [Little Mermaid 1989] Hear me out! I wanna redesign her to be kinda like a bustier (and slightly thicker) version of Livewire. It’s also gonna be like my Maleficent drawing. In this one she will be doing that pose when she said “bOdY lAnguAgnE” but form a fancier angle.

Sara Bellum vs Seduca [Powerpuff Girls] I wanna make make a cat-fight scene based on that episode where Seduca switched both identities. The fight scene would be very sexualized. Seduca would be pinned down on a coffee table with her jacked fully unbuttoned. Sara would be on top of her wearing a more revealing version of Seduca’s outfit.

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