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  1. ivan
    ivan says:

    dude, why did you draw a 10 year old kid gwen with a 16-18 year old young adult/teen Raven? both are not the same age or size either. Kid gwen never does that to a girl older than her! this is pedophilia. Why didn’t you add Raven to Teen Gwen from Alien Force? I had already told you in direct messages on this. I thought you were different. the unofficial that was never aired on tv,, it contradicts the official sizes of these characters, just like it happened with kid ben with frankie foster. Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10 and Tom and Jerry and especially beastboy did not have dialogues, so their voice actors did not interpret them. The latter makes more sense because the characters do not speak. It has already been confirmed that this is not official, it was never kept in the collection. if you like to add raven with gwen, why didn’t you add her with teen gwen from alien force?


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