This is the biggest animation I’ve done yet! This is what I’ve been hyping up since September!

It is a continuation of these 2 drawings I did last Halloween!







It took me more than a month to do and I think it was totally worth it, but it might be another year before I attempt anything this big again.
I will still be doing new stuff and animated loops on a monthly bases.
They will be decided with polls voted by subscribers without whom I would not be able to do this.

In fact, there is one going on right now…

So if you wanna see me do a Velma animated loop next, you can help make that happen by becoming a supporter too and become eligible to vote here too :3
That would be very appreciated.

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  1. andreas
    andreas says:

    Hello, how are you? First, greetings from Colombia, you have some very beautiful drawings and the videos are still good, you have potential, someday you will be a very famous or famous cartoonist xxx hahaha, greetings and you still have incredible potential

  2. Hal
    Hal says:

    Hey this is great! Two quick questions though: is there a fullscreen version? And would you consider doing an animation for spider-gwen from into the spider verse (preferably the pre shaved look) :)))

    • Queen
      Queen says:

      Thank you,

      Oh, for the full screen version – depending on the internet browser you are using there should be additional options if you right click on the video as it is playing.
      On Chrome based browsers you can right-click “Open Video in New tab” where you can set it full screen.
      On Firefox based browsers – there is an option to view it full screen from the get go if you right click.
      Also, on all browsers you should be able to just download the video locally by right clicking.

      The Spider-Gwen idea might appear in a future animation poll :], but I do plan to draw her again pretty soon


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