January Polls 2022

Currently, I’m running 2 polls at the same time. From both of them I’m going to be drawing the TOP 2 runner-ups, making it 4 drawings in total!

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Rogue [X-Men: Evolution] A pinup of Rogue taking a selfie as she is conflicted and looking away while lifting up her shirt and top revealing her boobs. (Once drawn, this will be followed up with a Sex Scene Poll post.)

Snow White & Evil Queen [Snow White and 7 Dwarfs] The Pinup would be of a busty curvy Evil Queen in revealing night-robe staring down Snow White while leaning against a wall with an attitude like: “What does this bitch have that I don’t?” Meanwhile Snow, dressed in a translucent sleepwear, has her back pressed against the wall and is staring flustered at Queens body through her robe.

Jane Porter [Tarzan 1999] A tasteful pinup of her undressed in her tent and getting caught off guard by someone.. (Once drawn, this will be followed up with a Sex Scene Poll post.)

Fionna x Marceline & others [Adventure Time] (Member Request) It will be a Beach Pinup involving at least 3 characters (More if time allows). In the forefront, the scene will be of Fionna being flustered while getting groped by Marceline in shallow water. In the background I’ll add in Princess Bubblegum staring out of jealousy from the shore. If time allows I’ll also add Fire Princess and Huntress Wizard in the background.

Verosika Mayday [Helluva Boss] (Member Request) Pinup of a nude Verosika walking u sudductively at the viewer while holding squeezing her boobs together.
Stella [Helluva Boss] Pinup of a curvy Stella sitting at home besides her bartable dressed in a translucent night-robe and lingerie being sad and drinking wine as her big boobs squeeze on the surface on the bar table.

Madame Rouge (Member Request) A side angle nude pose that gets a good view of her ass and side-boob.

Spider-Gwen & Black Cat [Spider-verse] Pinup of both women caressing each other. To be specific, Black Cat is mostly posing in a cool way, while Spider-Gwen is wrapping around her and pressing her cheek against Cat’s boob, as she is shorter than her.

Korra & Asami [Legend of Korra] I wish to do another Avatar bikini scene. This time I want both girls to be hanging out in a beach-side bar. Both girls would be in skimpy swimsuits. Asami would be drinking a cocktail while sitting at a bar stool with emphasis on her butt. Meanwhile Korra would be sitting on the bar table with her legs spread apart while Asami’s drink was between her legs. Korra would be giving the viewer a sassy look and pulling on her panties, while Asami would be amused by all this.

OtherMother & Coraline [Coraline] A butt focused pinup from Coraline’s POV of OtherMother as she in a sexy underwear is trying to get dressed. She asks Coraline to help her close her bra. In the background, you can see a mirror reflecting Coraline’s flustered expression.

Ursula [Little Mermaid 1989] Hear me out! I wanna redesign her to be kinda like a bustier (and slightly thicker) version of Livewire. It’s also gonna be like my Maleficent drawing. In this one she will be doing that pose when she said “bOdY lAnguAgnE” but form a fancier angle.

Noodle [Gorillaz (band)] I wish to do at least 2 pics that are made as if they were celeb nude leaks. This should be a first one where Noodle is taking a revealing slutty selfie where she is in her underwear and holding her shirt up with her teeth. A follow up after it would be another “Leaked pic” where she would have been photographed getting DP’d by the other Gorrillaz members.

Nicole Watterson / Yuki [Amazing world of Gumball] Part 2 to my “Cloudy” drawing where Yuki and Nicole have a very close confronting stare-down where they have their boobs squished together and Yuki is clearly winning in the size competition.

Dexter’s Mom [Dexter’s Lab] A butt focused pinup which depicts Dexter’s Mom in her green bikini climbing down a pool ladder. She also has a red hand-print on her butt cheek implying that she was just smacked on her butt and she’s turning around to find out who it was.

WonderWoman x SuperGirl x Amazonian [Justice League Unlimited] A lesbian scene where Supergirl is going through a some sort of an “amazonian initiation” where she is being caressed, undressed and rubbed by other busty nude Amazonians as WonderWomen is trying to assure her to not be worried while also undressing.

Supergirl [DC Super Hero Girls (G2)] (Member Request) A POV drawing of her laying with her shirt rolled up being covered in cum and her looking at the viewer in mild annoyance from the mess.



Azula & Ty Lee & Mai x Zuko (Panorama) [ATLA] Another of those interactive panorama drawings like “Weaver” and “NonCanon”. This time reaching over 180 degrees. The scene will be from Zuko’s POV as he is being ridden by Ty Lee while sitting on a sofa. Sitting on the left of Zuko, Azula is looking at him in a seductive way while grabbing one of Ty Lee’s boobs. On the right of him Mai is sitting looking sorry while rubbing herself with one hand while caressing Zuko’s chest with the other.

Megara x Demons [Hercules 1997] Sex scene of her getting pounded from behind by demons in Hades while she’s blowing others from the front. The main point of the scene would be her stops the slurping of one demon to look at the next one in line with a huge cock and giving a sassy expression like “Can’t a girl catch a break?”
Captain Amelia x Jim Hawkins [Treasure Planet] I wish to draw her again in my current style. This time I wish to draw her in a sex scene focusing on her butt where she is riding Jim.

Jinx x Cyborg [TeenTitans 2003] (Member Request) Scene of Jinx getting fucked silly by Cyborg as she and her naked chest is pressed against a TitanTower glass window for everyone outside to see.

Ivy & Harley Quinn x Robin [Batman TAS] (Member Request) A 2 panel drawing. In both panels a young Robin is tied up in Ivy’s vines. The 1st is a closeup of Ivy making out with Robin and squeezing her big boobs against his chest. While the 2nd panel is of Harley giving him an enthusiastic boobjob.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy x Kiteman [Harley Quinn Show 2019] (Member Request) POV scene from Kiteman’s perspective as Harley is reverse cowgirl riding him with her big ass, while both girls are making out and looking back at the viewer.

Hawk Girl x John Steward [Justice League] (Member Request) A scene of both of them out of their superhero uniforms just casually watching TV on a couch as a couple and Hawkgirl is laying across and sucking off John while wearing nothing but panties.

Black Canary x Green Arrow & Huntress x Question [Justice League Unlimited] It’s a foursome scene where both women are getting railed on an elevated surface.
Lois Lane x Bruce Wayne [Superman TAS] (Member Request) A POV shot of someone walking in on Lois Lane as she is caught off guard in a middle of a blowjob session as she tries to button her jacket back. It’s going to be implied that she was blowing Bruce Wayne.

Danny x Penelope Spectra [Danny Phantom] (Member Request) A Cel-Shaded sex scene of Danny Fenton railing Penelope Spectra on her office desk. Penelope’s jacket is unbuttoned, and her large breasts are fully revealed as they bounce form Danny’s thrusts.

Morticia & Wednesday Addams x Men [Addams Family] Part 3 to my last year’s Addams Family drawings. This time it’s a drawing of both women on bed being railed by two men. Morticia and Wednesday are grasping onto each other from pleasure.

Lydia Deets [Beetlejuice Animated Series] A Part 2 sex scene to my previous year’s Halloween Lydia pinup. This time Beetlejuice (in a sexier form) has been summoned and is riding out Lydia on his dick as both of them are levitating from the ground and she’s trying to hold onto him.

Atom Eve & DupliKate x Invincible [Invincible] (Member Request) A POV scene from Mark’s perspective as he is having a threesome with Eve & Kates. He’s mainly banging Eve on a bed, but Kate’s copies are beside her making out and kissing, smooching on her neck.

Charlie x Alastor [Hazbin Hotel] A scene of Charlie getting fucked silly in her bed by Alastor as if it was a part of a deal they made. Meanwhile Vaggie is beside her holding her hand in support and looking away in uncomfortable embarrassment.

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