Weaver [360 Panorama]

I suggest going full screen and zooming in a bit for the perfect experience.

Just finished my third 360 Panorama painting featuring Spider Gwen!

I’m trying to rise the complexity with each new piece and the next one will be a wide angle POV Foursome with Harley and the DeeDee twins.

Subscribers get to view the fully nude and school uniform versions!

…and they also get to interact with this Raven POV.

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  1. Pete
    Pete says:

    This is probably way more complicated than I think, but being able to view these natively in VR would be sick.

    Obviously getting a 3D effect wouldn’t really be possible, but a viewer that allows for head tracking might be.

    • Queen
      Queen says:

      Thank you!
      Yeah I did thought about it when setting these things up, but for VR there were not good WordPress panoramic plugins out there (at least not ones that didn’t sacrifice other comforts) and I also don’t own a VR rig myself to properly test out this method.

      In short this stuff is still to new, but one day I really might implement this stuff. Not sure about the 3D effect, though :/


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