BeachHouse [360 Panorama]

I’ve finished my first Truly 360 Panoramic Painting!

I even made versions compatible with VR headsets!
However, VR and the fully nude versions are exclusive to my Subscribers, without whom I would not be able to make these!

So please maybe consider becoming a subscriber too!
If people like them enough I’m sure to make more.

For  non-subscribers here’s a small gallery of my earlier panoramic drawings!

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  1. BackToTopic
    BackToTopic says:

    Hey, first of all this is astonishing work! kudos! Id love to purchase this but is there any way to get this one with a one time payment instead of paying 12 dollars for everything on your patreon?

    • Queen
      Queen says:

      Thanks you! However, you know what, this is old enough for me to release it publicly soon in the same image viewer below.
      They are special pictures that don’t look the same on a typical image viewer. You’d have to view them through a program like FSPviewer to get the right effect.
      So just wait, I think I’ll publish it later this month.


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