Concept Art 15/01/2024

This is one of many concept art posts for a “spookie” supernatural themed NSFW Visual Novel Game that I’m planning on doing!
The game’s current working title is ESTATE OF THE LATE

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Here you can look around the room yourself! (however, there is no sound)

This concept scene takes place in the room…

This post has been coming along bit by bit.
Originally the environment was made for the “Game night” concept scene comic, because at this point I want to be a lot more concrete with environments and backgrounds in my concept scene sketches.
Then naturally the environment art became an exercise in displaying the personalities of it’s inhabitants.

Both these Panoramas cover one big room that belongs to Angelica and Dorothy that is divided into 3 parts.


Angelica’s side of the Room

I consciously made her side of the room more packed with stuff – she’s definitely is a material girl and a general theme of hers is her values toward “external” stuff that can give her power.

Therefore, while she is into magic, I am also trying to illustrate how the quickly growing technology of the 90’s was starting to seem like it’s own type of “magic”. Especially if you are rich and can afford the latest and greatest hardware and software at the time.

She is also a dork. The whole shelf right of her PC is filled with media – 90’s Strategy games and Point-and-clickers. I hope to maybe have a scene where if you prompt her about her collection of media, you can get her to start gushing about the games that she likes and that are coming up.


Dorothy’s side of the Room.

She is the more humble one. She is a lot more inwardly focused. So most of the stuff she has is about self-development and not instant gratification. Her interests mainly reside in 2 directions – Art and Fitness (to a point where it seems as if she made up of 2 different people).

When it comes to fitness, she is heavily into calisthenics, because she loves maximizing the freedom that her body can do, which is why she has that pullup rack and rope outside her window (that I’ve featured two times in concept drawings) which allows her to B-line straight outside to the river with the alligators.

When it comes to art she likes her 90’s nu-metal (this universe’s analog for bands like Tool and NIN). Her Room is filled with posters, but I’ll fill them out later. I hope to get some help in making parody versions of IRL nu-metal bands. She does also try to create in the realm of Music, which is why she has a whole guitar set. However, a big theme about her artistic pursuits is that she is not good at them. I would like the estate’s environment to have a lot of signs of her older artistic pursuits like paintings and sculptures that she herself cringes to look at.


Middle part of the room

…is where they do stuff together, like watch TV , play video games and have had sex at least once.

I gave them a console that would be older even for 1999 (an equivalent to SNES). My reasoning is that Angelica would have embraced being part of the PC master race, while for Dorothy that would have made it seem like video games have gotten too sophisticated for her to enjoyment.


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