EOTL Concept Scene Sketch 1

The “EOTL” in the tittle stands for the current working tittle of the game – Estate of The Laid
(Even though I wanted to call it Estate of The Late, but I guess that will be the setting’s in-world name)

This is my very first concept scene sketch!
With this I wanted to illustrate 2 things…

Firstly, I wanted to show how the people that spawned Billi (the imp girl) are trying to make her useful and adjust her to the earthly life by making her do chores around the estate so they wouldn’t need to send her back to Hell.

Secondly, I wanted to illustrate a potential scene from the main character’s POV as he goes down a hallway and starts paying attention to Billi cleaning the outside of window and she tires to be flirtatious by “subtly” pressing her chest against wet glass.

If you think this project is worth while and wish support it, nothing can help me more than a subscription to this site :]

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