Concept Scene 29-31

This is one of many concept art posts for a “spookie” supernatural themed NSFW Visual Novel Game that I’m planning on doing!
The game’s current working title is ESTATE OF THE LATE

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To explain the context for this scene. I wanted to propose an Addamas F4mily tier worldbuilding element that also could be used for gameplay context. Since the setting takes place in the very south of Georgia State and the estate has a swimmable river for swimsuit setpieces, I thought it would be a waste to ignore the American alligators as a world-building element. So since the residents of the estate are reclusive “monster women” I figure they would use some sort of magic to make the nature work to their benefit by utilizing magical charms that make the alligators protect them. So I’m conceptualizing these “Sobek charms”. It’s especially fitting since the witch covenant derives from Ancient Egypt which also had to deal with crocodiles and even had a crocodile god – “Sobek”.

There are a few that are older and some that are newly created. The newly created ones are enchanted water park merch because they are water-resistant and have crocodile representations on them (in-lore they belong to an Australian-based water park chain – “Croiky Park”, that the girls had visited growing up). This way I wanted to depict how modernity finds its way in their magical lives in goofy examples and I imagine it will be a recurring theme.

As you might deduct the older, more glamorous charms are taken by Dorothy and Angelica. I think as a goof I’ll make a 5th charm to give to Daniel (the main protagonist) which will be an undersized water park T-shirt for girls sporting the “Croiky Park” logo if he too wants to interact with the alligators.

The second big thing I wanted to showcase is that physical damage for Billi is a non-factor. However, to balance it out, I think Billi is physically too weak to do most physical damage by herself. Again as a demon, main way of causing harm is to corrupt people by making them more promiscuous and feeding off of their “libido”. But I think she can still stab somebody to death or something. Maybe that will matter later.

Additionally, I just wanted to give another reason why she might seem to be quite aloof – she can afford to be stupid.

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