Concept Scene 32-33

This is one of many concept art posts for a “spookie” supernatural themed NSFW Visual Novel Game that I’m planning on doing!
The game’s current working title is ESTATE OF THE LATE

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These 2 drawings were made to show off the characters doing some more magical spooky stuff and to see how visually they will look as they walk on walls and ceilings. The wall walking and crawling is a more traditional spooky trope. Vampires and demons have done it a lot of media before so mine will do it too. Also, I think it will look cool in my 360 panoramas.

The subtleties of their wall walking skill levels are also supposed to inform the characters in nuanced ways.

Aamira, as the elder vampire matriarch is so skilled that she can pretty much stand on one leg. All of her clothing even hangs toward the surface she stands on. I imagine that she sometimes doesn’t bother even using stairs, she just b-lines from one floor to another by walking up in a spiral if she’s in a hurry or if she wants to make a sneaky appearance.

Angelica is going under Aamira’s tutorage to become as cool as her. Also as a call-back to the first rope climbing drawing, Angelica just wants to get back at Dorothy to make a point that no matter how fit you are, magic still trumps brawn.

Billi – even though she crawls on walls naturally, she can’t really stand up. Also, there is a subtle detail in that her hair and boobs always hang toward the surface she is crawling on, but the clothing always falls toward the ground. This is to reinforce that clothing has an incompatibility with her and also it gives a lot of opportunities for full bare-ass upskirts.

There is also another call-back to my Christmas drawing. If I’m introducing wall-climbing as a possible prominent factor, I should at least show that they tried to get Billi to put on the Christmas star from the ceiling.

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