Billi Concept Art 1

My second character reveal for The NSFW Game that I’m planning on doing!

Her name is BILLI. She is supposed to be an imp from the 2nd circle of Hell – essentially a succubus that has yet to earn her wings. Since she comes from Hell, she is not used to wearing any clothing, so she always wears as less as she can get away with. She does her best to reform because she does not want to be sent back by The Cult.

In relation to my previous character that I posted – Aamira, Billi is her mirror opposite – she is a short awkward goof that lacks awareness of human social norms.

She herself is not lustful in a human sense, but she literally subsists by draining the sexual gratification of others so she still might be the most promiscuous character in my cast.

If you think this project is worth while and wish support it, nothing can help me more than a subscription to this site :]

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